Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather. Wanna Bet?

Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather. Wanna Bet?

There are some crazy prop bets available for this May/Mac fiasco, see for yourself.

Ok gamblers, you’ve been saving your nickels and dimes to make some fun bets on this fight I can imagine. We’re going to take a look at some of the bets on the table, where you can turn your nickels and dimes into dollars. Most people believe the fight is a sham, and Floyd Mayweather is going to dominate, but, you don’t have to bet it that way.

Wanna bet it straight?

Conor McGregor + 300
Floyd Mayweather -400

Basically, a 100 dollar bet, brings you back 300 in profits. Conversely, you’d have to bet 400 dollars to make 100 dollar profit on Floyd Mayweather. He’s the favorite in this particular fight.

Bet how the fight ends?

Conor by KO +325
Conor by Dec. +1600
Floyd by KO -150
Floyd by Dec +275

Money Mayweather by decision seems like the most interesting option in terms of return on investment, but I just don’t see it happening, at all. Floyd by decision pays a little better than 2-1 and it could happen if Floyd carries Conor. If you feel like you have to bet on this fight, and you want a longshot, this seems at least a reasonable expectation of taking place.

Some basic prop bets for your enjoyment.

Will the fighters touch gloves?

Yes -220
No +175

Knockdowns or knockouts?

Conor is knocked down -200
Conor is not knocked down +175

Floyd is knocked down +350
Floyd is not knocked down -550

I don’t think Conor is going to have much success landing shots at all, much less knocking Mayweather down. I do however believe Conor will get knocked down, to the body first, and later out of a combination of damage and exhaustion.

Betting the number of PPV purchases.

Over 4,990,000 -210
Under 4,990,000 +150

I like the under bet here.

Do you believe in Mystic Mac’s powers? If so, get paid!

Yes + 800

For those who honestly believe Conor will win this fight, this is a MUCH better betting option than the straight bet. If Conor wins, it’ll be by KO within the first four rounds. So….if you believe he’s going to earn the W..jump all over this bet. The plus 800 odds are pretty nice.

Additional Prop-Bet Shenanigans.

Fighter Wins Within 60 Seconds
Mayweather +2500
McGregor +3300

Lasts Under 11.5 Rounds -210

Will Mayweather vs. McGregor Break PPV Buy Record:
Yes -600
No +400

Will Either Fighter Throw in the Towel:
Yes +335
No -585

Will Either Fighter Be Warned for a Low Blow:
Yes +140
No -200

Fight Goes the Distance +200

Will Either Fighter Lose Their Mouthpiece:
Yes +500
No -1350

Will Either Fighter Be Knocked Through the Ropes:
Yes +1100

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