Conor McGregor reportedly snubs Wrestlemania offer

Conor McGregor reportedly snubs Wrestlemania offer

During an interview with ESPN, Floyd Mayweather conveyed that Conor McGregor took his whole gimmick from the Floyd Mayweather blueprint. But according to reports from The Sun, McGregor shot down a chance to follow in Floyd’s footsteps.

The Sun report alleges that the WWE made McGregor quite a big offer to appear at WrestleMania 33 on April 2nd, but were turned away. Floyd Mayweather famously appeared at WrestleMania 24 all the way back in 2008 where he defeated The Big Show.

Conor McGregor reportedly snubs Wrestlemania offerMcGregor, who’s cocky walk is said to have been derived from WWE owner Vince McMahon’s “billionaire strut”, has already had a run-in with a number of WWE superstars, albeit over social media. So it would be interesting to see how “The Notorious” one would be received in the WWE locker room.

Ronda Rousey appeared at WrestleMania 31 in a segment with The Rock that sent the crowd into a frenzy. McGregor would no doubt have the same effect as WrestleMania is attended by fans from all around the globe, and McGregor is an international superstar.

While it isn’t necessarily in response to this report, Conor took to his Instagram account en route to his PPV Q & A session with Ariel Helwani to take shots at basically EVERYONE, including the WWE:

According to the report the WWE declined to comment. We will have more on this as details become available.