Megan Anderson responds to Cyborg’s challenge

Megan Anderson responds to Cyborg’s challenge

Following UFC 208, the status of Germaine de Randamie is up in the air due to a hand injury. Cris Cyborg, who was in attendance, wasted no time in shifting her focus from the winner of the UFC women’s featherweight title to the Invicta FC featherweight title.

Cyborg is currently the Invicta FC featherweight champion but was sidelined due to a USADA violation. With no word on what the timetable for her absence would be, Invicta held a match for an interim featherweight title. Megan Anderson went on the defeat Charmaine Tweet to be crowned interim champion.

With de Randamie potentially sidelined, and her USADA situation looking good, according to Dan White, Cyborg fired off the following tweet in the hopes of unifying the Invicta FC title:

While speaking with ESPN, Megan Anderson had plenty to say regarding Cyborg’s challenge:

“Cris is trying to call me out, which is awesome and I’m flattered she thinks I’m a contender. I don’t like the way she did it, though. Her fans got on the hate wagon. I had to turn off my notifications because of the hate I was getting. It was pretty sh*tty to see, and I just couldn’t see it anymore. I don’t think she did it to be mean, but people run with stuff like that and they get a little bit crazy. The thing is, I want to fight Cris, but right now in my career, I’m not going to get the type of money she’s getting. Cris was the highest-earning athlete in Invicta because the UFC was involved with her contract. If I’m fighting Cris, I would want to make sure I’m getting more than basic, entry-level pay.”

It might sound to some like she’s running from the fight, and when it’s Cyborg staring you down at the other end of the cage who could blame her. But she simply insists that’s not the case, and employs a bit of honesty not often seen from fighters:

“I’m not running from her, but yes, I know that I need to work on my skills if I’m going to fight the best pound-for-pound female in the world. I would want a few more fights. It doesn’t mean I’m ducking her. I just want one or two more fights, especially on a big platform. I don’t want to be fed to anyone. I don’t want to be anyone’s stepping stone. I want to make sure I’m set up and my career is being looked after as well. I’m not cannon fodder, if you will.”

It’s not often, if ever, you will see a fighter say that they are simply not ready for another fighter yet.

Be that as it may, it appears as though Cyborg will have to wait before she finds herself in a title match again anytime soon. But in the tricky world of MMA matchmaking, you never know.