Michael Bisping ordered to pay $400,000 to ex-manager

Michael Bisping ordered to pay $400,000 to ex-manager

Oh man… What a rough end to 2017 for Michael Bisping. First, he loses his title. Then, he gets brutally KO’d by Kelvin Gastelum. Now, he’s been ordered to pay his former manager and Wolfslair owner, Anthony McGann, $400,000. From what it sounds like, McGann was seeking a whole lot more than that.

To sweeten the story, McGann and Bisping got into a scuffle outside of the courtroom. However, it wasn’t the first time. In May, it was reported that Bisping and McGann were fighting outside of the courtroom while the trial was going on as well.

Twelve years ago, before Bisping was even on TUF, he was having issues with McGann. Bisping was stripped of his Cage Rage light heavyweight title in 2005 because of ‘Wolfslair management issues’. In a 2005 article posted by Sherdog.com:

“Cage Rage co-promoter Dave O’Donnell noted that the situation had nothing to do with Michael Bisping. O’Donnell noted that a problem had arisen between Cage Rage and the Wolfslair Gym, which manage Bisping.”

So, here we are today; McGann claims that he’s entitled to a portion of Bisping’s earnings between 2005 and 2011. Judge Salter agreed that Bisping did indeed owe McGann a large sum of money.

Here are the highlights, as first reported by ManchesterEveningNews.com:

  • Salter said that McGann had “greatly exaggerated” his claim against the fighter and “put forward false documents and false evidence.”
  • Bisping’s behaviour had “fallen well short of the standard that the court is entitled to expect.”
  • Despite (Bisping) denials, Judge Salter ruled that he did sign a management agreement with McGann in July 2005 and the agent was entitled to his cut.
  • (Salter) said McGann’s evidence in court “varied between the aggressive and the obsequious. In a number of respects his evidence was, in my judgment, plainly untruthful.”
  • Letters and invoices the agent hoped would boost the value of his claim were “recent fabrications”, said Salter.
  • Bisping was a “more straightforward witness” but, like McGann, he was guilty of “tailoring and trimming his evidence to suit his case. Parts of his evidence were “incredible and untrue” and his description of facilities at the Wolfslair gym, in Widnes, was “a confected story”. Mr Bisping was also a knowing participant with Mr McGann in the scheme to defraud the Australian tax authorities by overstating Mr Bisping’s expenses in 2010 and 2011.”
  • Although the final financial details have yet to be hammered out, the judge ruled that Bisping owes his former agent more than £320,000 ($400,000) in commission.
  • Judge Salter said he would hear further argument on who should have to pay the enormous legal costs of the case.
  • But his preliminary view was that it would be “an affront to justice” to order the fighter to pay any part of McGann’s legal bills.
  • He was also not minded to award Bisping any of his costs, “even in relation to those issues about which Mr McGann has sought to deceive the court.”

Oh yeah… Bisping is also being sued by some teenager who claims Bisping choked him because of a weight-bench argument at LA Fitness. Good times.