Michael “Venom” Page’s new dance mocks Rousey

Michael “Venom” Page’s new dance mocks Rousey

Even though we are now deep into 2017 (sarcasm), people are still taking shots at former UFC women’s bantamweight champion and MMA pioneer Ronda Rousey. Not that any media outlet wants to bear the responsibility of highlighting negativity towards an individual, but it can’t be ignored that news is news. And in the fight game often times news comes in the form of fighters taking shots at one another, especially in the age of social media.

Sports fans are quick to create gifs and memes at the expense of athletes following losses. The “Crying Jordan” meme is a thing of legend at this point. Every so often, other athletes or fighters get in the mix as well.

Enter undefeated Bealltor superstar Michael “Venom” Page. Page, who’s knockout of Evangelista Santos, went viral when he added a little Pokemon Go flavor to it, is trying to start a new dance craze.

In an Instagram video posted last night, MVP encourages fans to “Do the Rousey.” While you may be able to deduce just what the dance looks like, here’s a look at MVP in the role of teacher:



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