Mike Goldberg finally gives his heartfelt goodbye. We share our thoughts

Mike Goldberg finally gives his heartfelt goodbye. We share our thoughts

Did you know Kazushi Sakuraba was a UFC tournament champion? Do you even know who Kazushi Sakuraba is? The Japanese MMA legend won the UFC Japan: Ultimate Japan tournament in 1997. However, that isn’t even what the event was best known for. The event was known for being Mike Goldberg’s UFC debut. Almost 20 years and hundreds of events later, Goldie finally addressed his fans and said goodbye via his Twitter.

Goldie and his catch phrases were what made his announcing so enjoyable. “It is all over”. “Everything else is virtually identical”. “Slip and rip”. The list goes on and on. I’ve always maintained that his job was so difficult and he didn’t get the recognition that he deserves from the MMA community. Trying to juggle the show and bounce questions off of Joe Rogan, while someone was in his earpiece telling him to plug The Ultimate Fighter or promote some movie etc. takes talent.

Here’s how valuable Mike Goldberg was to the UFC broadcast… When I hosted Tapout Radio, we had Joe Rogan on as a guest. We asked him about Goldie’s job in the broadcast booth. Joe went into detail about how 1 time Goldie had another engagement and Joe wound up doing the play by play. Joe said his performance was a disaster. Afterwards he called Goldie and said,

“Motherf**er, don’t you EVER miss another show again!”

His announcing was on point and he loved his job. Behind the scenes, Goldie is hilarious. His humor has to be muzzled a bit when he’s on the air, but when he’s off camera Goldie is usually making everyone laugh. Goldie once had me do a project for him as a favor. When I took a little longer than he anticipated, I got a text from him saying,

“It’s all over?”

Goldie was passionate about all aspects of MMA as well. He turned down announcing for the WWE in favor of the UFC. Mike actually trains too. Ask any of the fighters… If Mark Dellagrotte is cornering someone on a UFC card, he’ll hold pads for Goldie before the fighters come in for their workouts.

Goldberg was the one who gave Mike Swick his nickname, ‘Quick’. We should all thank him for that because Swick used to be called ‘Kid Lion’.

“Mike Goldberg has always been a friend of mine and a great ambassador to MMA. I looked forward to hearing him introduce me while I was in the holding area, about to walk out for a fight. Mike let myself and other fighters know that he enjoyed watching us fight. He had a way of making everyone feel important and special. Mike would emphasize fighter’s positive attributes.

I am forever grateful to Mike Goldberg for giving me a rhyming nickname to my last name. ‘Quick’. I will never forget Rogan screaming, ‘Mike Swick’, after my win over Gideon Ray. Goldberg interjected, ‘No. No. No. That would be Mike QUICK Swick!’. It helped people remember my last name wasn’t ‘Swark’, ‘Swack’, or ‘Slick’. Since then, no one ever mispronounced my last name again.”

Best of luck in everything that you do Mike. You will be greatly missed octagon side!”
-Mike Quick Swick

Mike is able to laugh at himself and not take things so seriously. He referenced Tommy Toe Hold in his farewell statement. Here’s the hilarious video that he was talking about.

Mike Goldberg – IT IS ALLLLLL OVER!!!

Mike Goldberg is such a pro in every aspect of life. We here at MikeSwick.Com wish him nothing but the best. A class act, who always brought it; In life and on the air.

Everyone else, is virtually unidentical.