Mike Jackson calls out CM Punk for UFC 211

Mike Jackson calls out CM Punk for UFC 211

Fighters have been calling one another out left and right looking for big money fights. Now, Mike “The Truth” Jackson is joining the fray. Jackson sits at 0-1 after a first round loss to Mickey Gall, one-year ago. So who could he possibly be calling out?

CM Punk, of course. Two men that share the same record, each having suffered defeat at the hands of Mickey Gall. Each tapping out to a rear-naked choke. It sells itself really.

“You’re trying to make money, and that’s really the only reason we’re bringing this guy in in the first place, and it seems what’s best would be to allow me to fight him,” said Jackson.

In a recent interview, Jackson took issue with Punk referring to him as a can ahead of his fight with Gall last February:

Mike Jackson calls out CM Punk for UFC 211

“For someone who has zero fight experience to call me a can, that was probably the most offensive thing that I’ve heard throughout this entire ordeal. So he wants to fight one more time at least, and I figure, throw me in there.”

Jackson is angling for a UFC 211 showdown with Punk, citing the fact that he feels being from Houston, that he could be a draw in Dallas where UFC 211 takes place.

CM Punk has recently stated that he’s been hard at work getting ready for his next fight, whenever and wherever that may be.

While both men are 0-1, it should be noted that Jackson was a successful boxer and kickboxer before making the jump to MMA.

We await a response from CM Punk, and more importantly Dana White. Stay tuned.