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Mike Perry makes an Immortal call out on Twitter. Fans play UFC matchmaker.

Who knows what prompted Platinum Mike Perry to get on Twitter today and call out the Immortal one, Matt Brown. We know that Mike Perry is willing to fight anyone, that’s for sure. If he hates a guy, he wants to knock them out. If he likes them, he wants the honor of sharing the Octagon with them. Regardless, he wants to fight everybody and anybody in the UFC welterweight division.

After the call out, fans did what they do. “Why didn’t you do this? Why didn’t you do that? How come you didn’t call out So and So?” Tired of the names that fans threw at him, Perry posted on his Twitter again.

Writing for years has taught me one hard truth about fans… They will never be happy. Of course, this prompted fans to go at him again.

It’s probably best that MMA fans stop trying to play UFC matchmaker. Millions of people who talk trash online that don’t know the difference between you’re and your don’t deserve accessibility to technology.

We feel ya, Mr. Perry.