Mike Swick: The Comeback – Ep 5(Bonus): Road Rash – Road to UFC 189

Mike Swick: The Comeback – Ep 5(Bonus): Road Rash – Road to UFC 189

Mike Swick: The Comeback – Ep #5: Road Rash

Five weeks out from UFC 189 Mike Swick wiped out on his motorbike and sustained some scratches and a cut to his head. The accident cost Mike to miss some training but more importantly showed why you don’t ride motorbikes when your five weeks from a fight!

***Mike Swick: The Comeback – Road To UFC 189 Video Series***

Mike Swick gives unprecedented full access to his entire fight camp for UFC 189 in this new VLOG series. Shot on location in Phuket Thailand, follow Mike as he prepares for the biggest fight of his life and the final attempt to regain his UFC career.

Mike has spent over 2 years away from competition while building his dream gym in paradise and regaining his health. Now he will put his new gym and rejuvenated body to the test as he prepares to battle Alex Garcia on one of the biggest UFC cards in history.


Produced by: AKA Thailand / Mike Swick
Director of Visual Arts: Mitch Viquez
Editing: Mitch Viquez
Art and Graphics: Simon Netherton
Mike Swick
Blair Speers
Soa Palelei
Adrian Shead
Marc Bogutzki
Marcio Cesar
Wang Sai
Anvar Alizhanov
Glenn Sparv
Javier Mendez
Bob Cook
Luke Rockhold
Cain Velasquez
Daniel Cormier
Josh Thomson

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AKA Thailand is AKA’s first global gym. Owned by original AKA team member Mike “Quick” Swick, Internet magnate Blair Speers, and AKA founder, Javier Mendez, AKA Thailand is continuing to build, train and promote another formidable team of fighters in Asia and expand on the success they have already achieved internationally. AKA Thailand is a global super gym that not only caters to fighters, athletes and training enthusiasts, but also to the “average Joe” looking to lose weight, get fit, or make a lifestyle change while training alongside a diverse and motivated group of students.