Jet Li Presents: Mike Swick – Life After UFC: Birth of AKA Thailand

Jet Li Presents: Mike Swick – Life After UFC: Birth of AKA Thailand

Ever wonder how AKA Thailand came about? Mike Swick tells us.

Mike Swick isn’t only our boss here at, he’s someone we can look up to as an example that hard work pays off.  This is a little story of how Mike parlayed his last UFC bout into an unbelievable gym, and more than that, an unbelievable life.  He defeated DaMaques Johnson at UFC on FOX 4 and in doing so also earned a fight night bonus. He took his purse and that bonus and used it for AKA Thailand.

Mike isn’t successful because he’s lucky, he works really hard at everything he does. “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity” is a quote attributed to the Roman philosopher Seneca. Mike makes his own opportunities and always delivers on the hard work. He has an unrelenting drive and desire to be the best. This video, presented by Jet Li gives some insight into that drive. It’s an interesting look how Mike feels about the gym and the country of Thailand in general.

Another project Mike is working hard at is his new video podcast. His upcoming guest is going to blow everyone away. Check out the Real Quick Mike Swick Podcast with Mike and Marc Bogutzki here.

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