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Mike Tyson doesn’t have the time to answer stupid TMZ questions

If there is one thing that we know about Mike Tyson it’s that he hates to answer stupid questions. Truth be told, Tyson doesn’t really even like to speak to reporters, period. However, as history has shown, TMZ has no shame when it comes to asking some of the worst questions imaginable. So, what happens when TMZ gets Iron Mike cornered and they start firing away their stupidity? Exactly what you’d think.

Thank goodness Tyson now has intelligent hangers-on to answer his questions for him. You never know what Tyson will say, so having a guy that can deflect and make the questions about whatever Mike is selling, works out well for the former champ.

Floyd, Conor, Tenshin, etc. You name it and TMZ tried to get Mike to respond to questions about it. Mike played aloof (or not) and sidestepped everything thrown at him.

The champ has still got it.