Over 5 minute brawl breaks out at Ugandan Parliament

Over 5 minute brawl breaks out at Ugandan Parliament

Well, you don’t see THIS every day. Members of the Ugandan Parliament went berserk yesterday. Fights broke out and ‘foreign objects’ were used. Not only were punches thrown, but so were chairs and metal stands.

I’m not going to even pretend to know what happened here, so here’s the description from the NBS TV Uganda YouTube page.

“Scores of opposing legislators were arrested and injured. Officers from the special forces command and the Uganda police force; Forcefully evicted them from the house on the orders of Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga.  Kadaga had ordered a section of MPs out of the chambers after she announced that she had suspended them over their conduct in the house.”

It was an absolutely wild scene and truthfully, I don’t know how more people weren’t seriously injured. Everyone was involved in the fracas including women fighting men.

Not everything bad came out of this, however. It looks as if Conor McGregor’s reach has made it all the way to Uganda’s Parliament.

Ugandan Parliament goes absolutely berserk.