The MMA reffing problem. Some of the worst stoppages you’ve ever seen.

The MMA reffing problem. Some of the worst stoppages you’ve ever seen.

After the debacle on Sunday night at UFC Halifax, Mario Yamasaki came out and apologized for his near-death stoppage between Travis Browne and Derrick Lewis. Travis Browne took 4-5 unwarranted punches to his unconscious face while Yamasaki just stood right above him, thinking he was still conscious.

That wasn’t the first time that Yamasaki has lived up to his nickname, ‘Get em Killed’ Yamasaki’. In fact, it wasn’t even his tenth time. Yamasaki has been the center of controversy on many occasions. Oliveira tapping eight times to Cerrone, Robbie Lawler taking years off of Ninja Rua’s life, or when he robbed Erick Silva of his win with Carlo Prater; All come to mind.

Mario isn’t alone, though. There have been plenty of other awful calls in MMA. Here are some of the worst.

Kim Couture vs Sheila Bird

AX Combat 1: Execution. 7/8/11. Referee: Len Koivisto

Poor Kim Couture got caught in a leg scissor choke. Like a boss, she went out without tapping. Apparently her glazed over eyes and limp body didn’t give the referee enough of a signal that she was unconscious. You can count to ten, from when Couture goes limp. Finally, after ensuring that Kim’s grandchildren will be affected, Koivisto calls the fight off. However, he doesn’t even break the hold, just simply waves it off.

Alex White vs Roy Babcock

Titan FC 26. 8/30/13. Referee: Rusty Sullivan

This is my personal all-time worst stoppage. I mean, literally the worst that I have ever seen. White completely turns Babcock’s lights out and the referee sprints in to stop the fight watch Babcock die a slow death. White actually looks at Sullivan like, “Dude, he’s unconscious.” Sullivan just stands there. So White punches him again and the round ends. At which time, Sullivan motions Babcock to get off his ass. Incredible. Start watching at 11:00.

Gabe Ruediger vs Olaf Alfonso

WEC 12. 10/21/04. Referee: Josh Rosenthal

I will never understand why people said Rosenthal was one of the best refs. Like this video, he had so many bad mistakes when he was reffing in the WEC. Again, we have another ref standing right on top of the action, staring into a competitor’s dead eyes and doing absolutely nothing. Sadly, this wasn’t even the worst mistake that Olaf Alfonso had been a part of.

Rob McCullough vs Olaf Alfonso

WEC 19. 3/17/06. Referee: Jon Schorle

Razor Rob McCullough landed a straight right on Olaf Alfonso that knocked his mouthpiece out. Referee Jon Schorle chased after it like it was a ball and he was a Golden Retriever. Meanwhile, Rob was punching a hole through Olaf’s face.

The MMA reffing problem. Some of the worst stoppages you've ever seen.

Drew Dober vs Leandro Silva

UFC Fight Night 62. 3/21/15. referee: Eduardo Herdy

If there is a category for ‘MMA’s Most Pathetic Stoppage’, this one is it. Eduardo Herdy wasn’t even in the ballpark here. He wasn’t even on the same planet. What’s most disheartening is that most of these refs are/were fighters. Technically they are experts in fighting. Herdy is a fighter and stopped a match when a guy had a weak choke from half guard? That’s insanity. The commission thought so as well and ultimately ruled the fight a ‘No Contest’.

You have better (or worse) ones that you can think of? Let’s hear it.