Willie Monroe statement RE: Getting hit in the balls, racism, & disrespect

Willie Monroe statement RE: Getting hit in the balls, racism, & disrespect

Getting punched in the nuts yesterday by his opponent’s son has been the least of Willie Monroe Jr’s problems. Since coming to the UK he’s been met with racism, unprofessionalism, and plain old nastiness. At the weigh-ins, his opponent Billy Joe Saunders showed not only a lack of class, but had no parenting skills and generally lousy sportsmanship. Monroe issued a statement on his Twitter and it seems that his time in the UK goes way deeper than what we saw at the weigh-ins. Not just from Saunders, but his camp and a large number of boxing fans.

“I ran into a lot of cool people, but I’ve had a really tough week out here. The boxing commission out here has been very hard on me about things that don’t matter. The promoter, Frank Warren, has been very malicious to my team. Obviously, Dominic Ingle and BJ Saunders and whoever these gypsy guys are that they hang with, have been very nasty. Me and my team have been called every name in the book we’ve been called, “Latin f***s, n*****s, wankers, minges, fa***ts.”

Then, Monroe goes on to speak about Saunders’ young son. Truthfully, a kid acting like this is a sad thing to read about.

“Security was trying to tell them to get off the stage and then the kid comes up. The kid shouldn’t even be on the stage. He punches me in my nuts, then kicks me. Then, when he gets off the stage he’s flipping me and my whole team the bird. He’s saying, ‘F*** you! You n*****s! You n****r wankers! Go back to America!’. Why does a little kid that has to be no older than 5 or 6 years old, know to call me a n****r and tell me to go back to America? Because he’s being taught that way.”

This is absolutely disgusting behavior that has no place in sport or life in general. Watch Monroe’s statement below.