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A much happier Dana White addresses UFC 229. PPV over 2 million buys

On Saturday night after UFC 229, Dana White was a very sad panda. Nothing cheers the boss up more than big numbers and as it turns out, the UFC 229 PPV did some really big numbers. Dana couldn’t have been happier with the PPV buys that are coming in right now. I didn’t think Dana would recover from his funk, but right now he’s smiling ear to ear.

“We’re way over 2 million (PPV buys), so I’m happy.”

The TMZ guys really went in on Dana for Conor never really getting in trouble for all of his actions. Yet, Khabib will seemingly get the book thrown at him. As expected, Dana said Conor’s past actions and Khabib’s at UFC 229 were totally different.

Dana did, however, say that he didn’t believe that Khabib would be stripped of his title. So that’s good news.

Therefore, we can now say, ‘and still…’