Holy $*!+!!! Markwayne Mullin verbally smashes the UFC’s Mark Ratner

Holy $*!+!!! Markwayne Mullin verbally smashes the UFC’s Mark Ratner

An Oklahoma congressman, Markwayne Mullin, verbally smashed the UFC’s, Mark Ratner. I mean, this was so rough, I debated putting this in our ‘Amazing KO’s’ section. Mullin is a retired 3-0 mixed martial artist turned congressman. The question of the rankings system was on the floor and Mullin made it clear that the UFC doesn’t take the rankings seriously at all.

In Mullin’s own words, “The Ali Act deals with the financial compensation of the fighter. It also deals with the merit-based rankings system.” Mullin brought up examples of fighters getting title shots who didn’t deserve it. He also talked about fighters getting dropped from the rankings because the UFC didn’t like how negotiations were going.

“How did Dan Henderson who wasn’t in the top ten get a title shot against Bisping? Did 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 all refuse? The UFC championship belt isn’t a world championship belt. It is simply an award bestowed on the best fighter that night. It’s insulting to every professional athlete.

How did GSP get a fight for the title when he hasn’t had a fight for four years? Much less, at 185 pounds, he never fought for the belt.”

Now, we all see this happen on a daily basis in the UFC now. It’s not about who deserves what. Rather, it’s about what will sell the most tickets and make the most money. Of course, that is just smart business. However, when it comes to the integrity of the sport, that’s not what it’s about.

“The UFC has become the Don King of MMA.”

Ratner was flustered and did his best Huckabee-Sanders impersonation. He deflected and played dumb, while Mullin big boy’d him. Watching this video was like seeing a car wreck. It is cringe-worthy but you can’t look away.