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Nasty Calf Slicer submission, today at the ACB fights

Everyone loves a nice submission in MMA, but it’s the rare ones that really get people hyped. Usually, the ‘Unicorn’ of subs are the ‘Twister’, “Peruvian Necktie, or ‘Gogoplata’. However, the ‘Calf Slicer’ is the most brutal of all the rare ones.

There actually was one at ACB today in a fight between Damien Lapilus and Rakhman Makhajiev. BJJ black belt and UFC champion, Frank Mir saw the setup coming from a mile away, too.

In a battle for position, Makhajiev hooked his right leg around Lapilus’. Immediately, Mir saw it materializing and called it. Unfortunately for Lapilus, he was totally unaware until it was too late.