Nate Diaz steps back into the octagon…

Nate Diaz steps back into the octagon…

…well not THAT octagon.

We haven’t seen Nate Diaz in the cage since UFC 202 back in August of 216, and by now everyone is well aware that Nate can’t seem to get a fight from the UFC. So much so that he has decided to apply for a boxing license in the state of Nevada.

But due to the magic of Hollywood, Diaz has stepped back into the octagon. The new movie Fist Fight, which premieres February 17th and stars Charlie Day and Ice Cube, has partnered with the UFC for a few marketing opportunities.

The film’s logo was prominently displayed in the octagon during UFC 208, and they’ve also put together a few short videos for social media.

Check out Nate below going toe to toe with one of the film’s co-stars, Charlie Day.