Nick Diaz adds Futurola pitchman to his resume

Nick Diaz adds Futurola pitchman to his resume

More and more we are seeing mixed martial artists break into the main stream and appear in television commercials and as spokesmen or women for brands and products. Ronda Rousey, Anthony Pettis, and Paige VanZant have been holding it down for Metro PCS, and Conor McGregor just jumped on the saddle for the Pegasus Invitational.

Now we can add to that list 209’s very own Nick Diaz. So what exactly is Diaz the pitchman for you ask? Rolling papers of, course.

Diaz appears in a web and television spot for Futurola, a Dutch rolling company. The Diaz brothers, Nick along with younger brother Nate, have been two of the most popular fighters in the mixed martial arts scene for years.

But their bad boy style and penchant for breaking the rules have never made them the top choice to be the face of a brand. Times are changing and so too is the consumer market.

There is no word as to whether Futurola has also enlisted the services of Nate Diaz as well, or how many spots are expected to be shot, but good on Nick for landing a partnership that could appreciate his marketability and lifestyle.

Reports swirled about Diaz making his octagon return at UFC 209, but since that time he has turned down a number of fights offered to him.  There have been no further reports on when we will see Diaz in the cage again.