Nick Diaz reportedly turned down a title fight at UFC 209

Nick Diaz reportedly turned down a title fight at UFC 209

We reported back in December that Nick Diaz was looking to make his long awaited return to the octagon at the very appropriate UFC 209 this coming March. What wasn’t clear, however, was who his opponent would be.

While calling into Luke Thomas’ SiriusXM radio show today, UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley revealed that Nick Diaz was offered a fight against him for the the title, but Diaz turned it down.

“They offered him the fight and they didn’t pay him enough money,” says Woodley. “They went ahead and offered him the fight. Unfortunately then didn’t make it worth his while.” 

Woodley feels as though the UFC missed a huge opportunity in not opening up their wallets for Diaz.

“They dropped the ball,” he says. “Even if he got paid more than I did, I think they [should] make it happen.”

Very interesting stuff from Woodley. Contending that even if Diaz were to make more than him as the champion, that the fans deserved to see the fight. That’s not something you will often see from a fighter, taking the back seat financially as champion for the benefit of the fans. Kudos to Woodley on that.

Check out the full interview below: