Nick Diaz’ friends back him and call BS on his arrest.

Nick Diaz’ friends back him and call BS on his arrest.

While I am no private investigator, it’s easy to do research and find out find out facts. Everyone is speaking out about Diaz’ arrest with an opinion, but if you dig deep, you can find some interesting facts. With a few clicks of the mouse, a world of information pops up. Information that shows a different side of his domestic violence accuser.

By no means am I saying that Diaz did not do the things that he is being accused of. That is for a jury of his peers to decide. What I am saying, is that this girl has a history of crazy.

One friend of Diaz’, Matt Staudt, wrote a lengthy Instagram post about Nick and this girl.

“The girl who is accusing him is the most deranged and insane I’ve met to date. She has been obsessed with and stalked Nick for maybe 2 years now. Suicide attempts, calls to his family from fake numbers, thousand of calls a day – yes thousands, showing up everywhere he goes following his story…

He changed his number to get away, but Vegas is small and they crossed paths again. She left their interaction feeling some type of way yesterday and put in a fake report to get even and have him arrested, which she’s threatened to do many times before as well. I can’t even fully digest this whole thing because of how insane and wrong it is.

If Nick’s at fault it is because he has chosen again and again and again not to make a police report against her like I’ve advised profusely in the past when she has hit him or broke his phone or broke into his place or stolen things from him or threatened suicide, etc. Everyone is going to think what they think when they see the news so it’s very important for me to at least put something out that is actually factual.”

The post prompted people to come out of the woodwork to throw their two cents in. After one person came out and thanked Matt for his post, Staudt posted again about the girl having issues. Check it out.

If Staudt and his boys are forthcoming with all of this information; hopefully Diaz can go back to only worrying about USADA not getting with the 21st century and considering marijuana a performance enhancing drug.