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(Not) a sucker punch is thrown and then chaos ensues at GLORY.

Who knows what the heck happened at GLORY today?! Murthel Groenhart KO’s Harut Grigorian with (not) a sucker punch, as Grigorian walks away. It’s unclear if Grigorian was out on his feet or thought he heard a bell; But, something prompted him to turn his back on Groenhart.

As the saying goes,

“Protect yourself at all times”

Well, Grigorian absolutely did NOT protect himself and Groenhart capitalized. He smashed Grigorian with an unblocked right hook from behind that sent Grigorian bloody and unconscious to the canvas.

The chaos didn’t end with the knockout either. The knockout prompted Grigorian’s corner to storm the ring an assault Groenhart. Total madness erupted in the ring after the fight, due to a completely legal strike.

Sometimes these things happen in MMA Kickboxing.

Video uploaded by Caposa on Twitter.