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…and out of nowhere, Darren Till and Mike Perry have a rivalry

Out of the blue, there is suddenly a rivalry between Darren Till and Mike Perry. Truth be told, it’s been proven to be pretty easy to piss Mike Perry off. Darren Till managed to do that by simply responding to a tweet that Perry sent out.

I don’t even know why we need Sean Shelby or Mick Maynard anymore. Fighters seem to do just fine setting fights up by themselves and they are doing a good job at it. Hell yes I’d want to see that fight.

Till takes on Cowboy Cerrone in Poland next week and Mike Perry will be there. Mike Perry has already stated that he wants to take a big step up in competition and begin fighting top ranked opponents. Depending on who wins the fight between Till and Cowboy, a fight with Perry could be the next possibility.

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