Amanda Nunes gives her championship belt to girl battling Leukemia

For 9 years, Angie Lee has been battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. We hail these guys who fight in the cage, but it’s those who fight in life that are the real heroes. This strong young lady waited outside in the rain to catch a glimpse of UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Amanda Nunes. After her victory over Valentina Shevchenko on Saturday night, Nunes was on her way back to the fighter hotel. While on the bus, she looked outside and saw Lee.

As best told by Lee via her Reddit.

“The champ, Amanda Nunes, and I during a impromptu “stop the bus” private meet and greet. She saw me, the only girl standing in the rain at the bus exit, and told the driver to stop as the bus was driving away. The doors opened, a man stepped out and said to the small group of guys there that “she wanted to meet the girl.” I gave her a couple of bracelets I made (shameless plug and she gave me her belt! Unforgettable night!”

What a class act all around by Amanda Nunes. As for Angie Lee; Keep fighting, girl!

Next up, she wants to meet Conor McGregor.