Amanda Nunes wants to see Cyborg with the 145 belt. Not interested in fighting her.

If you really look at it, I can see why Amanda Nunes isn’t interested in fighting Cris Cyborg. The first reason I can think of is because she’s terrifying. Nunes breaks it down rather nicely, as to why fighting Cyborg isn’t that appealing.

“I’m not interested in fighting (Cyborg). I’m interested in fighting the girl who has the belt now. After my next fight, we’ll see what happens. I have to do a lot of things to fight Cyborg. Cyborg is way heavier than me and way bigger than me. I’d have to change my whole training style to fight Cyborg. After this fight we’ll see what happens. I’ve already cleaned out the division before I got the belt. When I got the belt, I beat the best one. After the next fight, for sure, I am going to do something else. Try to go down or up. We’ll see.

I’m interested in fighting the girl who holds the belt now (Germaine de Randamie), because I already beat her. If UFC wants to give me the opportunity to go up now, yes I would take it. But, later is another thing. I want to see Cyborg with the belt.”

I know it’s a big fighter ego thing to say that you will fight anyone, anytime, or anywhere. It’s refreshing to see someone actually say, “That person is too big for me.”

It remains to be seen what Nunes does after her fight with Valentina Shevchenko. If she beats Valentina convincingly, it’s probably time for her to look at other options. With weight classes opening up below and above 135 pounds, Nunes is sitting pretty and can dictate what she wants to do in her career.

In the upcoming years I suspect the UFC will be more like boxing. There will be champions in multiple weight classes at the same time.

Watch the full MMA Fighting luncheon video with Cowboy Cerrone and Amanda Nunes: