One year since the Las Vegas shooting and McGregor is Vegas Strong

One year since the Las Vegas shooting and McGregor is Vegas Strong

It’s been one-year since Las Vegas suffered the wrath of an insane gunman who opened fire on a crowd of people at a concert. Yesterday was the first anniversary of the incident and people are remembering the tragic day. The people of Vegas are supported and remembered, daily. Companies like the UFC make sure to let them know that we haven’t fogotten and they honor those affected by the shooting by having ‘Vegas Strong’ on the cage for every fight.

When not in Ireland, Conor McGregor resides in Las Vegas. He took to his social media and in a classy post, expressed what Vegas and the human spirit means to him.

“Las Vegas has always been a second home for me and my family. I love this city from the bottom of my heart. Some of my most lasting memories have occurred in this great city.

One year ago today the beautiful city of Las Vegas was subject to a terrible act of mindless violence. 58 people were lost that day and hundreds more had their lives forever changed.

Las Vegas’ strength and resilience may have been shook but it was not nor will it ever be broken.

The city rallied around those affected and stands today one year later stronger and prouder than ever before.

We must remember, we must spread love, and we must never forget those we lost on that fateful day.
I look forward to honouring you all this Saturday night. #VegasStronger”

‘The Notorious’ puts things into perspective about what is really important. Yes, he’s fighting his biggest MMA fight to date on Saturday night, but a sports competition is nothing compared to these tragic world events that leave people reeling.