Tito Ortiz addresses those who believe his fight was fixed

Tito Ortiz addresses those who believe his fight was fixed

Some fans have alluded to the fact that Tito’s win over Chael Sonnen looked “fishy”. Ortiz responds

When Tito Ortiz submitted Chael Sonnen Saturday night at Bellator 170, a percentage of people on the internet thought the finish looked a bit odd.  Some said the choke wasn’t under the chin.  People said Chael allowed Tito to pass to mount much too easily.  Long story short, it seems ridiculous to assume that Bellator would work a fight, much less one of the biggest in their history.  Tito himself had stayed mum on the subject until he recently hosted a snap chat video explaining his side of any controversy.

Tito started by saying, “All these people are saying it was a fixed fight, those are the ones that are just f**king haters man. Believe me I tried to punch him hard in the face. I tried to elbow him in the face, hard. He gave me his back, and I’m going to take the choke.”

He added that he had been hit as well, “He even marked me, come on people, come on. I don’t f**king fix fights….stupid.  Haters are going to hate it, haters are gonna hate.”

He wasn’t done.  “Yeah, ‘really fixed,’ man’s going to need neck surgery. That’s how fixed the fight was, you stupid asses. Come on people, don’t be so ignorant. Don’t be so dumb. I know my fans don’t believe it. People who do believe it, don’t be so gullible. You guys see how red his face was? I almost ripped his neck off, I almost broke his head, I almost broke his jaw, to tell you the truth. I was squeezing for dear life, that’s for sure.”

The bottom line is Tito Ortiz caught Sonnen in a choke, and both fighters were dry and Tito has incredible strength.  Tito executed the submission and Chael Sonnen tapped.