Pair of DWCS fighters get six-month suspensions from USADA

Pair of DWCS fighters get six-month suspensions from USADA

The USADA Monster strikes again, targeting a pair of Dana White Contender Series fighters.

Man oh man, it’s tough out there these days. Two youngsters who earned wins via The Dana White Contender Series found themselves suspended and fined as a result of failed USADA tests for marijuana. Darn those DWCS kids. Yep, the devil’s lettuce is the scourge of the sporting world and is a pushable offense.

Marijuana is legal in Las Vegas, but it’s still on the banned substance list for in-competition with USADA. Bottom line is, if you want to smoke, that’s fine. You just can’t smoke directly before a fight. That shouldn’t be too difficult a concept to grasp or rule to follow. Whether or not you believe the rule is silly, which I do. You have to follow it or reap the consequences.

Anthony Hernandez (7-0) and Jordan Williams both failed for marijuana and received identical punishments. They were fined 15 percent of their fight purse which resulted in a 750.00 fine. So bottom line, it means they were paid 5000.00 for their efforts. They were also each assigned attorney fees of 145 dollars and some change.  They were each suspended for six months, retroactive to the date of their offense.

Both fighters won their Contender bouts, but only Hernandez earned a UFC contract. Williams won by TKO in the third round and was not offered a contract.