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Real Quick, Retro Pick. Pat Barry does the Techno Viking.

Here’s a new thing we are doing at ‘Real Quick, Retro pick’ will be a way for new fans to see old videos that they may not even know existed. Our first video is Pat Barry doing the Techno Viking.

Here at… We think Pat Barry Nailed it!

Back in the the days before World Star Hip Hop came in and ruined everything, we had clean wholesome fun. You guys remember the Techno Viking, right? It’s essentially a Nordic looking man threatening a ruffian, then proceeds to dance hard down the street. People follow him, bring him bottled water, and seemingly ask for autographs.

In short, the video was a viral sensation.

For whatever reason, it made it’s way into MMA circles. I remember Urijah being a huge fan. It was Pat though, who turned the cameras on and did his own Techno Viking. In turn, Pat’s video became an MMA viral hit. I think the original video was this one, but for all of our sake, I’m posting the one that is vertical… with his name spelled wrong.