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Patrons consuming alcohol vs sober bouncers, never ends well

Bar patrons never seem to realize that alcohol is the devil. It makes you brave in situations where you absolutely should not try and prove that you are a hero. This includes moving up six weight classes and challenging a sober bouncer with all of his faculties. However, they never learn and always step to the biggest trained killer in the room.

Usually, a drunk person’s advanced degree won’t save them when they get snatched by the neck like an eagle catching a salmon. This little guy found out that the booze he consumed was in charge and it made him do a bad thing.

He was choked and then carried like a surfboard by the much larger bouncer. Once again, this is a detailed video of what not to do. You should never act a fool, or someone will be there with a camera to put you on the internet. This, in turn, prompts a jerk writer to post an article about what a sissy you are.