Boom, Goes the Semtex! Paul Daley flattens Brennan Ward, calls out Rory MacDonald

Boom, Goes the Semtex! Paul Daley flattens Brennan Ward, calls out Rory MacDonald

“I think those guys (Tito and Chael) are going to have a hard time beating what Brennan and I are about to do on Saturday night.”

-Paul Daley at the Bellator 170 press conference

Oh how correct you were, Mr. Semtex. Paul Daley doesn’t have a crystal ball, but he knows his and Ward’s resumes. Eat. Sleep. Bang it out. Repeat.

Both Ward and Semtex proclaimed their intention to stand and trade punches, until someone went to sleep. They did and Ward did.

Both fighters did not have any misconceptions about what they would do in the cage. When the bell rang there was no feeling out process, just war. About :30 seconds in, Ward caught Daley’s kick and Paul went down. Ward backed away and motioned for Semtex to get back up.

1:30 into the fight, Paul  landed his signature left hook and put Ward on roller skates. Ward went off script and got a trip takedown at an attempt to clear the cobwebs. How dare he.

Most recently, Semtex is known for having fantastic takedown defense. He got wise to the fact that no one wanted to stand with him, so he evolved. Daley got back to his feet and cracked Ward with a right spinning back elbow on the break. Ward played it off, but he was hurt. He immediately shot for another takedown, but Semtex exploded.

A jumping left knee caught Ward square on the jaw, who was unconscious before he even hit the canvas. The fight is over and Paul Semtex Daley adds another knockout win to his resume. 29 KO’s in his career and he is only 33 years old.

He gets on the mic and sends thoughts and prayers to Brennan Ward’s friends and family. Then… Semtex goes off again.

“I’m looking at everyone. Marquee names and champions. Rory MacDonald comes over from the UFC and thinks he can do his bullshit over here. It ain’t gonna happen. Rory McDonald gets in the cage with me and he’s getting knocked the f**k out!”