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Paul Felder shows all of his bumps and bruises after his UFC 226 fight

Paul Felder had himself a night at UFC 226 against Mike Perry. As their fight went on, pieces of Felder began to break, open, and fall off. Despite all of the bumps and bruises, Felder continued on but dropped a split decision to Perry. When all was said and done, Feder had a broken arm and multiple gashes on his person.

Today, Felder showed us what he looked like after the fight and he looks terrific; If he was Bela Lugosi starring as Frankenstein.

It sounds as if he broke his ulna or radius in the fight and that was a big hinderance on him doing much of anything. Then there were all of the head gashes he sustained. In sort, Felder was a mess.

Now, a few days later, Felder is cleaned up and is acting like a realtor giving us a home tour of his injuries. That is one tough Irish Dragon.