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Paulo Costa not pleased with former transgender fighter Fallon Fox

Paulo Costa has the right to his opinion but this probably won’t go over well.

Paulo Costa has made quite a splash in the UFC since his debut in 2017. In his first year with the promotion, he went 3-0 with 3 knockouts. In his last fight, he knocked out Johny Hendricks at UFC 217.  Recently, he’s in the news for not his fighting but for his stance on Fallon Fox and her career in MMA.

Paulo seems genuinely upset and bothered by her fighting against women in MMA. So much so that he’s offered to fight her for free. Now, it’s safe to say that while Fallon Fox was fighting, people weren’t necessarily in agreement with the notion that a transgendered fighter should be allowed to compete in MMA. That said, she hasn’t had a fight since 2014 and has given no indication that there’s a fight on the horizon so it seems odd that Costa is going in on this so hard now.

Here’s what Paulo had to say in the Facebook video. (Video was in Portuguese, translation comes courtesy of FloCombat.

“He was born a man, and he is a man, even though he calls himself a transsexual. It’s absurd cowardice, not only by him, but also by the promoters of any event that has accepted this kind of absurdity. He has simply annihilated the girls who have fought against him. They were slaughtered, they put their lives at risk, they put their physical integrity at risk. I don’t want to get into his choice, to be transsexual or not, homosexual or not. What happens here is that a man is fighting against girls, against women, as if he were one. This is absurd, and it can’t be accepted.”