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Pawn Stars. DON’T sell the sword! Dana walks in. They sell the sword

Whatever you do, Chumlee… DO NOT sell this samurai sword! As you can imagine, Chumlee then turns around and immediately sells it. However, he sold it to Dana White and as history has shown, Dana is impossible to say no to.

Mike Swick had Dana on his Podcast a few months ago and Dana showed Swick all of his new toys. One of which was samurai armor, from the 1500’s. I guess Dana is making an entire weapons room at his home and he went to the Pawn Stars shop to gear up.

The boss of the shop, Rick Harrison, instructs his employee, Chumlee, “Do not screw my sword up. I’m just going to put it on display”. It’s all good, until Dana White walks in and finds out that it isn’t for sale. Dana doesn’t comprehend ‘Not for sale’ and not only buys that sword, but he buys a grip of others.

Rick finds out that the sword has been sold and he is pissed. He asks if the customer is still in the store. His son, Corey Harrison, says, “Yeah. Why don’t you go tell him he can’t buy it”.

Rick turns the corner and sees Dana White, then shits his pants.

“Hi Dana! How’s it going?!”

Then, Dana buys another sword.

It’s good to be the king.