Pro Fighters League 7th regular season event is looking lackluster

Pro Fighters League 7th regular season event is looking lackluster

The worry with PFL has been they have a bit of a thin roster, this is starting to show.

Well, it was bound to happen it seems like its starting to show. When I heard of PFL’s plan for a season-long format with playoffs, I didn’t think their roster had enough talent to make it happen. Their first six shows have been really entertaining and I’ve enjoyed them. That said, this PFL 7 card looks really weak in terms of star-power.

Here’s the main card lineup, and it’s a little short of names that can draw an audience. The main event is Smealinho Rama vs. Jamie Abdallah. Yes, that’s the main event. Both fighters are talented, but nobody knows much about them outside of hardcore fans. I just can’t imagine people are going to tune in for this card.

Here’s the main card in its entirety.

PFL #7 Main card

Smealinho Rama vs. Jamie Abdallah
Bazigit Ataev vs. Sean O’Connell
Alexandre Bezerra vs. Magomed Idrisov
Paul Bradley vs. Anderson Ferreira de Souza Santos
Caio Alencar vs. Mike Kyle

Yeah, that’s not a good look. I’m not attempting to say the card won’t result in good fights and be entertaining. I’m simply saying drawing power is non-existent in this card. I admire what PFL has done with their new season format and million dollar payoffs, but they really need to bolster their roster for next season.

PFL 7 takes place August 30th and will be held at the Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. This is the last regular season card before their playoffs begin on October 5th.