UFN Phoenix: Penn vs Rodriguez Results & Play By Play

UFN Phoenix: Penn vs Rodriguez Results & Play By Play

FS1 Main Card

BJ Penn vs Yair Rodriguez

Rd 1: Rodriguez already trying some spinning stuff. BJ eats a huge left head kick. Rodriguez a spinning all over the place. BJ looking a little lost out there. Penn still has that great takedown defense, though. BJ looks just a step behind right now. Rodriguez teeing off on BJ. Rodriguez with body kicks, leg kicks, head kick,s spinning kicks…. BJ survives the first round.

Rd 2: Rodriguez with a straight right kick to the jaw, followed by a stiff right punch. Yair landing oodles of punches on the ground and Penn immediately protested. He seemed ok, but he took so many unanswered punches.

Winner: Yair Rodriguez by tko at 0:24 in round 2.

Joe Lauzon vs Marcin Held

Rd 1: Joe Lauzon looks like he wants to get his 376th ‘fight of the night’ bonus. Marcin Held goes for the takedown and Lauzon starts pounding him with elbows to the temple. He went for an armbar, but Held is too slick. Back to their feet momentarily and Held gets the takedown. Joe gets back up to his feet and Held works him against the cage, until they finally separate. They clinch again and Held goes for a spinning back fist, but loses his balance. Joe comes in and drops a right-handed bomb on him as the bell rings.

Rd 2: Held gets the takedown and gets Joe’s back. Joe fights out of the bad position and reverses Held. He picks him up and then dumps him. Marcin held won’t give Joe six inches of space. Both of these guys are starting to look tired from all of their work. Held hits another takedown. Joe goes for an armbar. Phenomenal defense by Held, who gets free. The round ends with Held being pretty inactive in Joe’s guard.

Rd 3: Joe is moving forward, but Held keeps landing the jab. Held gets another takedown. In a strange turn of events, Held stands back up and lets Joe to his feet. Held has the body lock on Lauzon against the cage again. Joe gets free and Marcin gets a double-leg takedown. The fight just kind of ends anti-climatically. Marcin seems to have won this fight with takedowns.

Winner: Joe Lauzon by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-28)
*Lauzon gets on the mic and says 100% it was Marcin Held’s victory.*

Welterweight- Court McGee vs. Ben Saunders

Rd 1: The guys are going at it. Both of them doing what they do. Ben Saunders throwing kicks and knees. Court McGee coming forward throwing punches. McGee is cut over his left eye. These two have a lot of respect for each other. They used to train together and it looks like they’re still sparring. McGee did a good job getting out of Ben’s clinches.

Rd 2: Court McGee using good pressure to start the round. He’s beginning to walk Saunders down a bit. Saunders using the kick like it’s a jab. He’s kicking him in the arms, legs, shoulders, head… everywhere. McGee putting Saunders on the fence and holding him there.

Rd 3: Ben starts off landing a good combination and head kick. McGee hit Saunders with the short right that stung Ben. McGee gets the takedown and works his ground and pound until the round ends. They were both too slippery for Killer B to use his stellar BJJ, but McGee just didn’t stop working.

Winner: Ben Saunders via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Flyweight- John Moraga vs. Sergio Pettis

Rd 1: Sergio Pettis’ striking is looking much improved. He’s winning most of the stand-up exchanges. As soon as Moraga lands some punches, Sergio go straight to the takedown. Moraga lands a nasty shot. Pettis fires right back and rocks Moraga. Then, Pettis drops Moraga right before the bell rings.

Rd 2: Pettis stands in the pocket and continues to be sharp. Moraga is threatening with his wrestling, which is opening up is striking. The action in round 2 has significantly slowed.

Rd 3: Moraga starts the round out nicely, with a good combination. Moraga gets a body lock takedown and Pettis. Moraga falls back for a heelhook and gives up his position. After a lot of playing defense by both guys, Sergio Pettis gets the takedown at the end. That may have won him the fight.
Winner: Sergio Pettis by unanimous decision (29-28 x 2, 30-27)

FS1 Preliminary Card

Lightweight- Devin Powell vs. Drakkar Klose

Rd 1: Klose swarms right away. They clinch against the cage and Klose continues to muscle him there. Powell’s back has been against the cage for 2 minutes now. They finally separate and take back the center of the Octagon. Klose lifts up Powell and throws him to the ground. He is a lot stronger than Powell. Powell looks lost out there.

Rd 2: Powell keeps throwing leg kicks, which he should stop doing. It’s leaving him wide open to get socked up by Powell. Whenever they get separation Klose absolutely tees off on Powell. Powell is tough, but Klose doesn’t fear his power.

Rd 3: Despite eating a buffet of kicks and punches, Powell looks like the fresher fighter. Significant strikes landed in favor of Klose, 25-8. Klose is taunting Powell. He wants him to stand and bang. Powell is trying though. Still, domination by Klose.

Winner: Drakkar Klose unanimous decision 30×27 x3.

Bantamweight- Frankie Saenz vs. Augusto Mendes

Rd 1: Frankie is from Arizona, so every punch or kick he throws, the crowd oohs and ahhs. A lot of punches and kicks are being thrown, but not much has landed between the two. With a minute and a half left, Mendes gets the takedown. Frankie gets back to his feet, but eats a bunch of punches by Augusto.

Rd 2: Frankie gets rocked at the beginning of the round by Mendes. Mendes gets the takedown and when they stand up, Frankie nails him with a short elbow and drops Mendes. Neither guy is moving their head or keeping their hands up. Someone’s going to get knocked out. Somehow, they both survive the round.

Rd 3: Both guys rock each other at the same time. Then, they try to finish each other at the same time. My goodness, these guys are going at it. Mendes seems to be the one eating more punches now. Mendes hits another takedown, but Frankie is really good at getting back up right away.

Winner: Augusto Mendes by split decision 29-28 x2, 28-29.

Heavyweight- Aleksei Oleinik vs. Viktor Pesta

Rd 1: Aleksei tries a choke standing, while facing Pesta. Then Oleinik pulls guard. That’s ridiculous. What was he thinking (sarcasm)? Pesta gets full mount and Oleinik tries the choke again. Totally impossible. NOPE! He forces the tap by Ezekiel choke. I’ve never seen a guy submitted when they have the mount in MMA before. It’s his 10th career Ezekiel Choke and the first in UFC history. Please just give him the bonus right now.

Winner: Aleksei Oleinik by Ezekiel Choke at 2:57 of round 1.

Lightweight- Tony Martin vs Alex White

Rd 1: One minute in and Tony Martin’s cup broke. When they get into close quarters with each other, they swing hard and both are landing. Tony Martin gets the takedown and throws some elbows and looks for a Kimura. Martin has side control and is landing a lot of punches. They showed the punch stats and its 25 – 4 in favor of Tony Martin.

Rd 2: Alex White lands a clean punch and wobbles Martin. Martin knows that he shouldn’t be standing and takes the fight to the ground again. Tony Martin is essentially smothering White. Martin is a real pain in the ass on the ground. He’s relentless. They get back to their feet and Tony Martin says ‘No way. We’re going back to the ground’ and shoots in for the takedown. He spends the rest of the round dirty boxing on the cage.

Rd 3: Martin immediately goes for the takedown. White stuffs it again and they spend time doing the dance against the cage. Literally, Tony Martin wants nothing to do with White on the feet. He goes to the body lock against the cage. Over and over. Crowd starts boo’ing. The round ends in the same position against the cage, to a chorus of boo’s.

Winner: Tony Martin by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

UFC Fight Pass Preliminary Card

Women’s Strawweight- Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger vs. Nina Ansaroff

Rd 1: Both ladies are scoring early. Through the first minute it looks like Jones-Lybarger is getting the better of the exchanges. Jocelyn throws a leg kick, Nina catches it and gets the takedown. The last two minutes are spent with Ansaroff throwing punches in Jocelyn’s guard.

Rd 2- Ansaroff gets a trip takedown by kicking out Jocelyn’s legs. Ansaroff takes Jones-Lybarger’s back, but can’t get the choke. She continues throwing punches from the back, riding Jocelyn all over the cage. Jones-Lybarger just can’t get out of bad positions. Ansaroff is just all over her.

Rd 3- Ansaroff is pot-shotting Jones-Lybarger. Jocelyn gets kicked in the leg again and goes down. Nina immediately goes to full mount. She transitions to Jocelyn’s back again. Nina Ansaroff gets her first UFC win, by tapping out Jones-Lybarger by rear naked choke.
Winner: Nina Ansaroff by rear naked choke at 3:39 of round 3

Heavyweight- Walt Harris vs. Chase Sherman

Rd 1: The first couple of minutes both guys throw big punches and kicks, but nothing significant lands. Walt Harris starts cracking Chase Sherman at about two and a half minutes. Walt Harris was really putting it on Sherman, but in the middle of one of his combinations, he kicked Sherman in the balls. Sherman countering and hitting Harris really hard. Walt Harris seems to be landing his straight left at will. Right at the bell, Sherman eats another kick to the little Shermans.

Rd 2: Chase Sherman is all welted up. In the words of Daniel Cormier these boys are swinging some leather! Walt Harris is really scoring nicely, snapping Sherman’s head back. Harris throws a left-right combination, clinches up, then knee-right-left. KO. Wow.
Winner: Walt Harris by ko at 2:41 of round 2.

Light Heavyweight- Joachim Christensen vs. Bojan Mihajlovic

Rd 1: At about 2 minutes in, Mihajlovic throws a kick and slips. Christensen gets in his guard and goes to work. Mihajlovic is doing a good job neutralizing the ground attack, by controlling Christensen’s wrists. Mihajlovich is not doing very much to stand up. He looks content to be on his back and just try to tie up Christensen. Referee stands them up with 30 seconds left due to inactivity. Now these guys start going at it. Mihajlovich throws a spinning back kick and Christensen landing a big knee against the fence.

Rd 2: Mihajlovic looks like he’s breathing heavy now. He gets the break he needs when Christensen kicks him square in the pills. Mihajlovic seems to have gotten a second wind after getting kicked in the nuts. He really wants to brawl with Christensen, but Christensen is being smart and economical with his punches. Christensen is doing a good job countering. If John McCarthy was 205, pounds he’d be Joachim Christensen. He does a lot of dirty boxing with knees against the cage. The round ends and Christensen looks to be up 2 rounds to 0.

Rd 3: Every time Christensen lands something big on Mihajlovic, Mihajlovic asks to brawl. Christiansen lands a short uppercut and drops Mihajlovic. He follows up with a couple punches and it’s a wrap.
Winner: Joachim Christensen by tko at 2:05 of round 3.

Heavyweight- Dmitrii Smoliakov vs. Cyril Asker

Rd 1: Jeez, Dmitrii is enormous. In a middle of a big Dmitrii flurry, the referee called an eye poke. Didn’t really see one on the replay. Asker gets a double leg takedown, but Dmitrii landing punches from his back. Asker moves to full mount and drops punches. A lot of punches. I can’t believe the ref isn’t stopping this. Finally, the referee shows mercy.
Winner: Cyril Asker by tko at 2:41 of round 1.