Jackson/Wink photographer berates Cyborg. Cyborg demands apology.

Jackson/Wink photographer berates Cyborg. Cyborg demands apology.

Buckle up guys, because this is going to get ugly. The news came out yesterday that a credentialed Jackson/Wink photographer had some seriously lousy things to say about Cris Cyborg. Damon Martin first reported that the photog posted a pic on his IG with very disparaging remarks about Cyborg after her fight with Holly Holm. He referred to her as a man multiple times in his post.

It read,

“This dude is tough as hell. That being said, at the press conference he said that Holly was the first to make his nose bleed.”

The post has since been erased, but it’s the internet, so it’s there forever. Obviously, this prompted a shit-storm in the MMA community and the news got back to Cris Cyborg. Cyborg has gone through this before; Most notably with Dana White and Joe Rogan. She took to her Twitter demanding an apology.

In response to this, the Jackson/Wink FB page offered an apology. However, it was more of a statement and not really a good one at that.

“In response to our media person’s recent Instagram remark about Cyborg, there is a backstory as to why he made his comment. After Cyborg’s victory, she was heard backstage by our media guy calling Holly a “Bi#%h” and laughing at a photo depicting her own toe in Holly’s eye.

They were heard mocking Holly’s performance. Our media guy was defensive of our fighter and space and he used Cyborg’s past history of steroid use, in a knee-jerk, response. We were unaware of all the backstage talk and his response on a public forum until yesterday. He regrets putting JW in this position. We don’t condone putting others down. Congratulations to Cyborg and her team and we look forward to a rematch.”

The weak attempt at an apology and trying to justify what he said, just made things worse. The photographer then took to his Instagram again and offered another apology. It started off okay, then more excuses came. Regardless, Cyborg accepted his apology,

“I accept the apology and hope Dana White and the UFC listen to my request to no longer grant you a credential to any UFC events.”


Something tells me that this isn’t over by a long shot.