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Quite possibly the worst Nate Diaz interview ever. It’s awesome.

When I say that this may be the worst Nate Diaz interview that I’ve ever seen, I am not kidding at all. TMZ try to squeeze any answers out of him and Nate literally gives 0 shits. It’s almost like a little kid who is being forced to do something and decides to mock his parents by repeating whatever they say. He simply would not budge.

Nate Diaz doesn’t give any answers because frankly, he doesn’t have any answers. It’s not that Nate does not know what the future holds for him, rather, he doesn’t really seem to care or want to talk about it.

He all but tells the interviewer to ‘piss off’. For some reason, the TMZ reporter just doesn’t seem to take a hint until Nate literally hops in a car and drives away. When anyone in the world does this, they are a jerk. However, when a Diaz brother does it, it’s hilarity that adds to their ever-growing legend.