The Pound for Pound Breakdown – October 2017 Edition

The Pound for Pound Breakdown – October 2017 Edition

There are some big-time changes this month in the Pound for Pound Breakdown.

Pound for pound rankings are pretty subjective and in the big picture, are more or less meaningless. That said, it’s a hot topic that people love to banter about, and it’s something I enjoy writing about. So, it’s time for October’s Pound for Pound Breakdown, where I’ll rank the top five P4P fighters. Let’s get going.

Number 5 ~ Daniel Cormier


Daniel Cormier’s loss to Jon Jones at UFC 214 has been ruled a no-contest after Jon Jones tested positive and failed yet another USADA test. Jones is facing a lengthy submission and for that reason, he’s out of the top five. He doesn’t stay active enough to be part of the elite in MMA.

Cormier is an elite competitor who simply finds himself behind a once in a lifetime talent in Jon Jones. The fact of the matter is, we don’t know if Jon Jones is superior to Daniel Cormier or not because we’ve never seen them compete on an even playing field. When you take illegal drugs, your achievements become dubious at best.

It seems like Daniel Cormier is taking on Volkan Oezdemir in his next bout, and it should be a pretty interesting contest. Volkan has rocketed up the rankings by knocking everyone out early. DC will be the toughest test for Oezdemir and the outcome of that fight could shake up the rankings.

Number 4 ~ Max Holloway

maxhollowayMax holds tight at number four on the list for the third consecutive rankings. He’s had a great year and continues to grow each time into the Octagon. Part of what makes Holloway so great is not just his amazing record in the Octagon, but the method in which is ply his trade. Max is as exciting a fighter as there is in the UFC. He defeated Jose Aldo to win the belt. His next fight will cement his legacy.

Max will be headlining UFC 218 against Frankie Edgar. Edgar is a warrior who is an all-time great in the sport of MMA. Everything that applies to other fighters, doesn’t seem to apply to Edgar. If Max Holloway can get past Edgar and do some in impressive fashion, he’ll move up this list, regardless of what else happens.

A rematch with Cub Swanson could very well be on the horizon as well. There are a lot of potential fights for Holloway at 145, as well as a potential to move up to 155 and try and become a two-division champion. He’s very young and supremely talented.

3. TJ Dillashaw

TJ Dillashaw entered UFC 217 looking not just for the Bantamweight Championship, but to end the madness that has surrounded him since leaving Team Alpha Male. Ever since he and Duane Ludwig left the gym, he’s been hounded, ridiculed and attacked by Team Alpha Male. There’s been TJ’s side, Cody’s side and somewhere between, the truth. Bottom line, he entered the cage with someone who had been bullying him and dropped the bully.

Dillashaw is now the two-time Bantamweight Champion, and sans a razor-thin decision loss to Dominick Cruz, could be on a seven-fight winning streak against the elite in the sport. He’s a great fighter, who is very well rounded. He has good wrestling but really enjoys throwing his hands. He was dropped in the first round of his fight with Garbrandt, but he recovered and in the second round, answered with a left hook that brought the fight to a halt. The guttural scream that TJ yelled directly into Garbrandt’s face really told the story. The normally mind-mannered Dillashaw let a lot of frustration, anger, and sadness out in that moment.

Most likely TJ will compete against the winner of Dominick Cruz and Jimmy Rivera next. It would be a good fight for him. Cody Garbrandt might have to win a couple fights to get back to TJ at this point.

2. Georges St-Pierre

He’s back ladies and gentlemen. He showed up at UFC 217 to compete for a world title in a division he’d never once fought in. Everyone was sure he’d be too small, or too rusty or simply not have evolved in the past four years. He proved everyone wrong. He showed up, looked fit and went toe-to-toe with the bully Michael Bisping. In the end, he secured a Rear Naked Choke and choked the champion unconscious in front of an adoring crowd at Madison Square Garden.

Georges is simply not your average athlete. He has always been special but people doubted whether a four-year absence from active competition would be too much. It wasn’t. He continues to shock the world with his abilities.

Most people are wondering what’s next for GSP, but it’s pretty clear the UFC has their sites set on him facing Robert Whittaker and unifying the Middleweight Title. A match with Georges and Conor McGregor is likely down the road, and when it happens, it will smash PPV records.

1. Demetrious Johnson

Still number 1 because of how he dismantled Ray Borg and closed the show with the best submission in the UFC’s history. He just wins, no matter what. He shows up, in shape, on weight and wins. It’s become almost expected, so people don’t see the beauty in it. He’s defended his title more times consecutively than anyone in the history of the UFC. He just performs at the highest possible level each and every time out. It’s unbelievable. So now that Ray Borg is in his rear-view, the UFC seems like they want to make a fight between TJ Dillashaw and Demetrious Johnson.  Looking at this list, it would be amazing to see them in the Octagon.

I’m fairly certain people will favor Dillashaw if and when they fight, but those people are wrong. Demetrious Johnson beats Dillashaw. He’s too fast, and his gameplans are perfect. The speed difference between Dillashaw and Garbrandt was evident. Cody was faster. Demetrious is light years faster than both of them.

I’m not sure that fight will take place, and if so when?  I do know that it’s going to take a lot of bump Demetrious out of this top spot. He’s simply the best in the world.

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