Conor McGregor Interview to be an hour long PPV Special

Conor McGregor Interview to be an hour long PPV Special

So you want to see Ariel Helwani interview Conor McGregor? It’ll cost you.

Conor McGregor is nothing if not a marketing whiz.  He’s the king of PPV, the king of UFC earnings and many believe the King of the UFC. This week alone he received a 25 million dollar offer to box Floyd Mayweather, and appeared in a hilarious video with John Lovitz for the Pegasus World Cup.  Now it is announced he there will be a Conor McGregor Interview with Ariel Helwani available via PPV. It will be available via PPV for approximately 5 dollars.

An Experience With, is a promotion event company in the UK. They company organizes events such as exclusive interviews with top stars.  Past interview specials were with famous celebrities. Stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Van Damme, Al Pacino, and Sylvester Stallone. They’ve also had boxers Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield (who just offered to fight Conor McGregor), and Sugar Ray Leonard among others.  They had this to say about their evening with Conor McGregor.

“In a World Exclusive event, the notorious Conor McGregor will be live at “An Experience With Conor McGregor” in Manchester, UK. For the first time anywhere in the world, Conor will talk about his life and his career in the longest unscripted interview seen to date, with highly respected interviewer Ariel Helwani. This is your chance to be there, watch the show live and listen to Conor’s story from the comfort of your own home.”

It should be an interesting event to say the least. Conor McGregor certainly is not bashful.