New Showtime doc Prison Fight to feature Thailand prisoners fighting for freedom

New Showtime doc Prison Fight to feature Thailand prisoners fighting for freedom

Imagine a violent criminal being released from prison for winning a series of fights.

Sunday night the 24th of February, Showtime will air a very interesting full length documentary about a program taking place in Thailand.  The show is called, Prison Fight: Five Rounds to Freedom. It features a controversial program in Thailand.  The program allows incarcerated criminals, early exit from prison or reduced sentences if they train and win a series of Muay Thai fights.  Showtimes said this about the documentary.

Prison Fights – Fight Rounds to Freedom – A SHOWTIME feature-length documentary following two men in Thailand’s modern day Prison Fight program, where convic criminals are given the chance to fight for their release – and possible redemption, too – through the ancient tradition of Muay Thai matches.

The premise seems very compelling, if not somewhat troubling.  There’s a trailer for the documentary that can be viewed below.

Documentary Trailer: Prison Fight Five Rounds to Freedom

The practice of these Prison Fights has been ongoing for the past three years.  The subplot of the documentary circles around a couple of fighters.  One being a fighter who has served seven years in prison.  He’s a former Muay Thai champion, and if he wins his last fight, he will get his freedom and be reunited with his young son.

There are those who believe winning these fights should not rank above the law.  Men who committed serious, violent crimes are seeing their sentences reduced and could be potentially released. If you’re a family member of a victim of said violent crime, I’m guessing you don’t care how talented a fighter the accused has become.

Time Magazine Speaks to Man Behind Prison Fight

Time Magazine spoke to the main man behind the Prison Fight business, Kiril Sokur.  Kiril had this to say.

“Giving these guys [the prisoners] the opportunity to prove their talents is important. They may be criminals but they are also human beings so staging the fights is good karma for us.”  He continued,  “Most of them will be here until their hair grows grey. The respect Muay Thai affords them is one of the things they can hold onto.” And a little hope never hurt anyone.”

It’s a very interesting idea, and will make for what I’m sure is a very compelling documentary.  If you have Showtime, the program airs Friday the 24th, at 8:30 PM PST.

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