WSOF to become Professional Fighters League in 2018

WSOF is no more. A new name, a new concept, and hopefully new viewers.

Per a report filed by Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting, there are some major changes coming for the promotion formally known as the World Series of Fighting. The new promotion will feature a league setting. However, it is not team based, but rather an individual sport. Fighters will fight three times in ten months in what will be considered the “Regular Season” with the best fighters in each of seven weight classes moving on to the Playoffs, based on their records.

The playoffs look to be single elimination, and a champion will be crowned in seven different divisions, with each champion earning a cool million dollar payday.  It’s an interesting plan and something that could draw some top talent to the new promotion.

There will be an additional 3 million dollars in prize money to be divided amongst other competitors.  The new ownership group which features Donn Davis, Russ Ramsey, and Mark Leschly, who purchased WSOF earlier this year. According to

The owners of the Washington Wizards, Nationals, Capitals and Mystics are all also said to be involved.  Rey Safo will be staying on with the new company under the role of President of Fighter Operations.

Here’s a video that the Professional Fight League released to hype the new promotion.