Rampage passes the ‘King of Slam’ torch to Gerald Harris

Rampage passes the ‘King of Slam’ torch to Gerald Harris

Quinton Rampage Jackson has long been known as ‘The King’ when it comes to the huge body slams in MMA. That title came to fruition during his fight with Ricardo Arona. Instead of trying to technique his way out of an armbar, like any normal human being would, Rampage decided to lift Arona up and slam the soul out of him.

Fast forward to this past weekend at Legacy FC’s final event. An unhappy Gerald Harris stood across the cage from his opponent, who missed weight by over 50 pounds. Yes, 50. At about :45 seconds into the first round, Harris lifted his opponent into the air and slammed him to unconsciousness. Mind you, this was the second time that Gerald Has done this. He gained media attention when he KO slammed David Branch, which made ESPN’s Top 10 Plays of the Week, back in 2010.

Gerald is his own best hype man. So, when he once again made a lot of noise in MMA, he went on the Gerald Harris social media tour. As of 2 1/2 days after his Legacy win, his slam highlight on worldstarhiphop.com has reached over 470,000 views. He made it to ESPN’s Top 10 list, again. However, possibly the most important nod of approval came from his mentor, Rampage Jackson:

Endorsement, received. Torch, passed. All hail the ‘King of Slam’.

Now if only we could get Gerald a RT from Kevin Hart.