Ray Borg out of UFC Chile bout with Brandon Moreno

Ray Borg out of UFC Chile bout with Brandon Moreno

Ray Borg’s son was born with Hydrocephalus and will undergo his 2nd brain surgery.

Ray Borg has had a rough go of it, to say the least lately. He missed out on fighting Brandon Moreno in Brooklyn weeks ago due to glass in his eye after Conor McGregor’s idiotic bus incident. Then, his newborn son was born with Hydrocephalus, which is when an excess of water forms in the brain. Typically surgery is required to relieve the pressure.

Ray Borg’s son had that surgery last week and initial reports were it was a success. However, since then, it’s become apparent that his son will need to undergo a second surgery to alleviate pressure. Ray is understandably in no condition to focus on anything beyond the health of his baby. As such, he will not be fighting at UFC Chile vs. Brandon Moreno.

Raphael Marinho was the first to report that the fight was in jeopardy. The UFC is currently seeking a replacement for Brandon Moreno so that he’s able to stay on the card.

Our thoughts and best wishes obviously go out to Ray Borg, his wife, and son for a full and speedy recovery.