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Real Quick, Retro Pick. That one time Dominick Cruz fought a ninja.

It was 2008 and MMA was still developing its identity. There were people out there that doubted the authenticity of it and did what we used to call ‘dojo storming’. One such person was a ninja.

Yes, an actual ninja. I’m not sure what the art of Ninjitsu entails exactly, but I know it has a lot to do with focus and invisibility; Two traits of which this guy didn’t have when he walked into North County Fight Club and called out any MMA fighter. He found his opponent. A kid from the WEC with a 1-1 record, Dominick Cruz.

Again, I’m not positive with what being a ninja consists of, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t basketball shorts and no ground game. The ninja looked like he definitely had trained some form of Karate, as his traditional stance showed. His downfall in this fight was never training any grappling his entire life. You choose one gym to ‘dojo storm’ and it’s home to the future most dominant bantamweight ever.

Maybe next time, ease up on shooting poison darts through bamboo rods and hurling throwing stars at sandbags.