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Real Quick w/ Mike Swick EP #3 – Mark Hunt In Studio! – Phuket Thailand

Episode 3 of ‘The Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast’ has arrived. In this episode, ‘The Super Samoan’ Mark Hunt is live and in the studio. Mike Swick’s co-host Marc is with him as always. As usual, when Marc tells a story, it is rated *NSFW*.

Let’s just say that one of Marc’s stories this episode involves:

  • Getting arrested in Thailand
  • Making friends in jail
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

While Marc’s story is borderline illegal, the real entertainment comes when Swick breaks out a pic of the “Mark Hunt doll”. If you follow Mark Hunt on social media, you know which one I am speaking about. If not, get ready, because your mind is about to be blown.