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Real Quick, Retro Pick: The choke-slam from Hell!

You see the phrase ‘Choke-Slam from Hell and immediately you think of the WWE. Is it Kane? Is it the Undertaker? Nah. It’s James Bruno as a referee.

You may recognize the Bruno name. That’s because James Bruno has two brothers (Mike and Steve), who both fought professionally. Mike spent most of his career in Titan FC, while Steve Bruno competed in the UFC. As for James, he puts on a referee shirt and takes shit from no one.

Bruno described on his Youtube channel, what exactly happened that night:

“I accidentally knocked the guy over while separating the two. I then apologize and pat the guy on the headgear. As I walk away he mushes the back of my head and when I turn around, he tells me to go “F” myself. If you look extra closely you can see me knock away his left hand which was on my neck first, before I slammed him. Earlier in the fight, the guy was acting like a punk, talking smack, and disrespecting everybody.I’d never act that way in a real fight or at a real event. These were two jerks fighting over a $20 bar tab and a free t-shirt, for cryin’ out loud!!!”