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Relive Tyson Fury rising like the Undertaker against Deontay Wilder

You don’t even have to watch the WWE to know who The Undertaker is or what he does. The guy always gets knocked out and winds up flat on his back and seemingly has lost the fight. Somehow, while unconscious, he summons the dark powers of Hades and he rises up like the spawn of Satan.

Tyson Fury battled Deontay Wilder and was winning the fight. Then, in the twelfth round, Wilder dropped Fury and it looked like Fury’s soul left his body. Wilder celebrated his improbable victory and then it happened… He rose up like the Undertaker at the critical moment of Wrestlemania.

Coming back from the dead saved Fury from his first career loss and he wound up in a draw with Wilder. This just sets up a big money rematch between the two.

Just like Shawn Michaels vs ‘Taker…