Reminding you that 12 year-old ‘Momo’ is fighting a 24 year-old tonight.

** Update*** Momo def. Momoko Yamazaki by submission (rear-naked choke). Round 1, 2:59

Just in case you forgot about our previous article about a 12-year-old Japanese girl named Momo, we are reminding you that she fights a 24-year-old tonight. We asked fans what they thought about the Deep Jewels organization hosting an amateur fight between these two. The responses were mainly in disgust. Responses on our Facebook page were mainly in disgust and disbelief.

Why would they allow this? What is the point? This should not be allowed to happen.
Nah… Bad idea.
This isn’t real?
Not good for the sport.
TOO young.

Apparently, the outcry from the MMA community wasn’t enough to sway the Deep Jewels organization. So, tonight at around 1:00 am California time; 24-year-old Momoko Yamazaki (Crazy armament) vs 12-year-old Momo (Karate Way) will go down.

They will fight at 43 kg, or about 95 pounds. Amateur rules apply and the 3 rounds will be 2 minutes long. This is actually happening, so let’s just pray that headgear and shinguards are used.

Still, in my opinion, this is wildly irresponsible. Not because Momo is 12 and competing in amateur MMA, but because she is fighting a grown woman.

I’m all for the freakshow fights, but this just seems unethical. Momo is in seventh grade. Let that sink in for a second.