I watched Conor McGregor’s Notorious on Netflix, here’s what I thought.

I watched Conor McGregor’s Notorious on Netflix, here’s what I thought.

Notorious features Conor McGregor’s explosion from broke youngster to a global brand.

The beginning

Conor McGregor is an interesting personality. At times I’ve been turned off by his flaunting of money and his attitude. When I break it down though, my problem lies more with his legion of fans, than the man himself. There are no more annoying fans on earth, than those of Conor McGregor. It’s not even up for debate.

I watched Notorious and I’ll admit, I went into it a little dubious. I figured this was going to be more of McGregor showing off his homes, his cars, his wardrobe etc, set to dance music. Instead what I saw was a thoughtful film that focused on Conor’s growth from a boy into the man he is now. It’s compelling, it’s the American Dream.

Conor was living in a small apartment with his girlfriend Dee Devlin, fighting for very little money and living every bit the life of a broke young fighter. He drove a beat-up car, he lived a life free of luxury and surprisingly, he remarkably the same guy as he is now. He had million dollar dreams, and unparalleled work ethic to drive those dreams. That is the one glaring, impossible to ignore base message of the film. This guy works hard. No, this guy works INCREDIBLY hard.

We witness his growth as a fighter overseas, we’re there when he gets the call to the UFC. We are taken inside his camp and training leading up to his fight with Chad Mendes, where he won the Interim Featherweight title. The side effect of all of this has become a life surrounded by every luxury. He has homes, cars, all of the material items that anyone could ever want. He loves these possessions, and what you really come away with is how hard he worked to earn them.

UFC Explosion

The film shows his defeat of Jose Aldo and his fights with Nate Diaz. After his loss, he handled things well and immediately got back into the gym for the rematch. What you also see throughout the fight is he is still surrounded by the same loyal group of friends and training partners that were there when he had nothing.

It’s a movie about friends, family, hard work and the spoils of success. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and I came away from it with a new appreciation for Conor McGregor. I would recommend checking it out. It’s currently on Netflix.